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Before becoming a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments, I was an instructional assistant/paraprofessional/braille transcriptionist, (the title changes depending who you talk to and how they refer to your role in a particular team although the job is still the same), for a young braille reader. Being blessed to work with such an amazing team motivated me to change career paths and pursue my certification as a TVI. In my 5 years as a transcriptionist, I was able to be creative and supportive while making the curriculum accessible to my student.

Although I am not a transcriptionist any longer, there are some days I wish I could go back and work on some tactile graphics while translating print to braille in my little closet of  work space. Whenever I get the chance to be creative I jump at it, and I am now lucky to be able to share my ideas and brainstorm with other very talented people through working with my teams and providing a yearly state wide in-service training for paraprofessionals working with students who are large print or braille readers.

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