CVI – Self Educating No More

I feel as though I have more of the basic understanding of CVI, (cortical visual impairments), that my students have been diagnosed with. I have attended many in-services regarding this topic, and have even presented at an in service regarding this topic and working with children who have been diagnosed.

I mentioned in a previous post how fortunate I am to work in a state such as Connecticut that has such an awareness of this visual diagnosis and how to best provide for students with such diagnosis. At any time I can email a number of colleagues of mine that are well known in the CVI community for their contributions, or even by chance run into them on a Thursday when I am up in the office to run a “quick question” by. I can casually throw out a scenario to one or two of my CVI community friends while enjoying some sunshine on a beach on the CT shore as we relax in the summer months. Although I have this access, not everyone is as lucky as I know I truly am.

For this reason, I have decided to go ahead and work towards  the Perkins- Roman CVI Range Endorsement. I have put the link here so that you to can explore this program and endorsement. There are a number of resources here to explore and to make your own program to fit your personal needs. The endorsement is the ultimate goal, however, any additional education you can get on this subject will not be a waste of time.

I have signed up for the course being offered this winter starting in February called, “Assessment of Students with CVI: Reliable Scoring of the CVI Range”. I am very excited to pursue this endorsement knowing how many students are diagnosed with this visual condition currently and continue to be diagnosed. I look forward to February and learning more about CVI! Once my class starts I am planning on sharing my experience here regarding not only the topic of CVI, but also the Perkins E-Learning portals as this will be the first time I take one of their offered classes.

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