Incredible Minds Working with Exceptional Students – Object and Symbol Readers


Being an itinerant teacher I get to meet many people across multiple school districts in my travels. I titled this post “incredible minds” to highlight the ideas that some of the paraprofessionals I work with have come up with, which my students have had the pleasure of experiencing.

My first student I would like to share is a sensory learner. He is non-verbal and is the sweetest little guy you could ever know. He loves to explore everything in his immediate environment with his hands. In an elementary school there are lots of things on the walls in the hallway that can be tempting to a little guy like my buddy, which is not encouraged to avoid ripping or damaging projects etc. on display. So, instead of keeping saying no and redirecting, his wonderful one-on-one paraprofessional did this for him out side his classroom;

She created a wall for him to explore! Not only is he welcome to touch and pull and interact with the wall, but his peers can too! AWESOME!!

This student does not have CVI, but this can be easily modified for a CVI student by using a black paper background and objects that have desirable characteristics to motivate the student to look and interact.










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