Survival Guide to Specials (SGTS)


When I was a paraprofessional working with a young braille student who had very little functional vision, I found specials classes had their own set of unique challenges for her. All of the incidental learning that the other students were exposed to having visual access to pictures, posters, demonstrations and paintings describing concepts, she did not have. Learning to model tasks on the fly or modifying instructions and activities so that she did not miss out on anything important was overwhelming at times.

I am calling the series of posts related to specials classes as a “Survival Guide to Specials”. The classes that fall in the “specials” category are music, art, physical education, computer/technology, and library. This is where posts regarding tips and suggestions how to navigate these classes for your students will be located. I will be sharing ideas I have used with my students as well as sharing resources I have located on the web that have been extremely helpful to me in the past.


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