Mad Libs


I know this is a late post, but the holiday forced me to slow down and enjoy my amazing family : )

Nouns and adjectives was the basis of my lesson last Tuesday with D. School was closed  on Wednesday so we had Wacky Wednesday a day early. In her class they have been working on identifying nouns and adjectives in sentences, so I thought is would be a great way to start our lesson and incorporate some fun as well. First came the work. I found the sentences below online and embossed them prior to our lesson.

  1. Mom added her secret sauce to the recipe.
  2. The delicious pie was baked to perfection.
  3. My favorite food during Thanksgiving is sweet potatoes.
  4. My sister was in charge of all the healthy salads for Thanksgiving this year.
  5. My younger cousin knocked over my cup of juice.
  6. Even my dog will have leftovers this year.
  7. I am going to be a fat turkey on our school parade.
  8. One of my best memories of Thanksgiving when I was a little child was cooking mashed potatoes with my grandpa.
  9. Before dinner we are all going to give thanks for the wonderful things in our life.
  10. I can’t wait for the yummy turkey sandwiches tomorrow.

D was assigned the task to find all nouns and adjectives in the sentences and underline them with her pencil, as you can see here she is hard at work.


After she finished, I asked her to read back the sentences identifying the nouns and adjectives as she came across them. She had missed a few which opened up conversation about what a noun or adjective is. After going through the first two sentences and she realized she missed some, I suggested she check her work and  go through the rest on her own and make sure she did not miss any others reinforcing self correction in her work.

Once we got through the 10 sentences successfully, I asked D to load paper in her brailler. I told her I would be dictating to her things like types of food, person’s name, adjective, noun, etc. that she would need to braille in a list that she would need to refer back to.

D didn’t know, but what I was asking her to do was to fill in the missing words in this Thanksgiving Themed Mad Libs I found with a Google search. Download the Thanksgiving Mad Libs here at the My Sister’s Suitcase website.


Below you can see D reading the Mad Libs above on the left and on the right are the words she brailled for each empty space in the story.

I am not sure how clear her braille list is, or how legible my interlining is so I have posted her words below. In parentheses after each word were things that we reviewed at the end of the lesson to reinforce other skills such as spelling and the use of capital letters.

christmas (Christmas) missed capital for proper noun

obama (Obama) missed capital for proper noun

Uncle Tommy




foot ball (football) extra space in between foot and ball




dear (deer) spelling error – talk about difference between dear and deer






halloteen (Halloween) missed capital for proper noun and misbrailled t for w

D and  I had a great time laughing while she read back her words while inserting them into the Mad Libs. It was a fun way to work on some grammar and to roll in the Thanksgiving holiday! We finished up our lesson listening to the Adjectives song from Schoolhouse Rock, one of our favorites. You too can enjoy the Unpack Your Adjectives song here. Full lyrics are here.



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