Jumping Rope


With my work model as an Education Consultant I am in and out of a ton of elementary schools up and down the eastern part of Connecticut. In my recent travels, the buzz of Jump Rope for Heart has begun as it does every spring.

Jump Rope for Heart is sponsored by the American Heart Association and it is a way for students to raise money to be donated to the Foundation.  The link to this year’s event is here; American Heart Association, Jump Rope for Heart 2018

D’s school just did it a few weeks ago, and to modify it for her I brought in the jump rope to fitness kit as well as the jump snap jope rope for her to use for the event.

D does pretty well with a regular standard jump rope, but she wanted to try something different to see if it would help give her the chance to stay in the competition longer. A little healthy competition is always good to see : )

The jump snap rope is basically 2 handles with small pieces of rope attaching a little weight to allow the rope to swing. The handles have an electronic display on them and they make a clicking noise as the student’s arms come around to prompt them to “jump”. There is also an counter on the handles so that the student can keep track of how many jumps they have made. Pretty cool!


I uploaded some pictures below and displayed them in a slideshow so you can see D in action using the Jump Snap jump rope : )

She liked it so much she asked to be able to take it out to recess so she could share with her friends! Way to go D!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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